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The PACBC and the Kalabaw Lodge members is about being part of a dedicated  community. The PACBC is a place for all of us to grow as Asians and Americans, to celebrate holidays together, to join in the fun in learning new exciting things, to embark on adventures locally and vacations abroad, and to find support each other in our times of need. We we hope that you will join in our community.
Membership Diversity

Members of all ages
Singles, couples, and families
Our members are multi-national


The PACBC collects donation to help 3 low income students per year. Contact the PACBC for details.


We fundraise for calamities like the Haiti Hurricane Recovery and the Monsoon in the Philippines.

Blood Presure Check-ups FREE

We have many Medical Doctors as members of the PACBC. We offer free blood pressure check-ups at the PACBC center on select days. Call the PACBC for more details.


The Kalabaw Lodge Youth and Adult Groups organized the following clubs:
- Social events with Food and Drinks
- Adult and youth sports - basket ball, volley ball, badminton, softball
- Mahjong and Chess Club
- High Rollers Casino Club
- Golf Club with beginner teaching lessons
- Tennis & Brunch Club
- Karaoke "Sing It! Baby" Club
- Video Game Competition

Learning Seminars and Youth Tagalog Language Introduction

PACBC Tagalog Teaching
Adult Social Media and Computers Education
Seminars on Finance, Investments and Estate Planning
Philippine-Asian Culture Education

Anniversary Balls, Social and Holiday Events

Valentine's Party
Hawaiian Night
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Religious Socials

CFC (Couples for Christ) Concerts
BLD Lectures

Very Affordable Dues

A $30.00 membership to help organize events, trips and to promote our club and pay for the space. Any member of the PACBC will automatically be a member of the Kalabaw Lodge and Vice-Versa. There will also be discounted price for youth members. Contact Rowena for details.

Our Facility

Two floors for entertainment
Kitchen and Catering Available
Garden for small gathering
Lots of Parking
Projection Screen

For More Information, please contact or call 1-201-845-9674.

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